Megan Kearney

my aims

I aim to provide safe and effective holistic medicine in a caring and supportive manner.


I understand that health is a state of vitality and wholeness and not just an absence of symptoms. I hope to work in partnership as you or your animal move towards health and vitality.



I am a professional Medical Herbalist and Holistic Veterinary Surgeon. My practice is based in the UK. I treat people with herbal medicines and after a consultation as a Medicinal Herbalist. I also see animals on a referral basis and use herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and optimal nutrition.

I cannot give advice by email without having had a consultation with you or your animal.

Holistic or conventional approach?


The difference between conventional and holistic approaches has been compared to the difference between a mechanic and a gardener. The conventional physician and vet are trained to detect specific diseases in the patient, to assess where the body has malfunctioned and to repair or replace the damaged part.
A holistic practitioner views the patient and disease in terms of their relationship to each other and then assists the body to return to equilibrium, thereby “tending the garden” rather than “fixing the machine”.

About myself

When I qualified as a (human) Medical Herbalist in 1998, having undergone 5 years of academic and clinical training from the College of Phytotherapy, East Sussex. I am the first vet to become a Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, which is the oldest body of practising Medical Herbalists in the world. This Membership binds me to a strict code of professional ethics and continuing professional development.

I qualified as a veterinary surgeon from the University of Queensland, Australia in 1988. I have worked in mixed, small animal, equine and holistic practices in Australia and the UK. I began using complementary medicine in 1993. I became a Veterinary Member of the Faculty of Homeopathy by examination in 1997 after studying veterinary homeopathic courses at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and the Homeopathic Physician’s Teaching Group in Oxford for 4 years. I have also completed the International Veterinary Acupuncture and passed the IVAS exams.

Herbs For Holistic Health

A holistic perspective on well being takes a gander at the individual parts of the individual and perceives the soundness of every one of those segments. At the point when the individual parts are sound the aggregate of the parts fill in as a solid coordinated entirety. Comprehensively holistic well-being considers the to be as the physical, the psychological, the enthusiastic and the profound being. Tending to every part and improving every segment makes a reasonable stream toward immaculate well-being.

Separating the physical well-being into its segments –

Wholesome nourishment, clean water, characteristic medication, full scale supplements, miniaturized scale supplements, exercise, and oxygen – at that point are key components to a progressively flawless well being. In holistic well-being, natural entire and crude nourishments are a way to sound organs (liver, gallbladder, heart and digestive organs).

Spotless, unadulterated water in adequate sums keep cells working proficiently. What’s more, the total evasion of lethal synthetic concoctions in family unit cleaning items, manures, melatonin uk, water, and nourishment gives a cleaner, more advantageous physical body. The physiology of a poison free physical body has a more prominent possibility of an infection free life expectancy.

To keep up a holistic, solid body assumes individual liability. It takes responsibility since it requires discipline. All things considered, we are what we eat, inhale, accept, think and state. One order in holistic well-being rehearses is the reconciliation of herbs as a lifestyle – a direction for living of accomplishing holistic well-being.

The human body is perplexing

Add to it the quick paced lives we live, herbs can be gainful in keeping our bodies in balance. Herbs are nourishment with restorative properties. A typical holistic practice is detoxification. Herbs, handily used by the body, viably detoxify the tissues and cells in the body.

Detoxification programs focus on the end organs of the human body – principally the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic and blood frameworks. The detoxification or purging discharges put away synthetic concoctions and poisons from the body.

In holistic, the detoxification procedure by and large follows the request for gut purifying, blood and lymphatic framework detoxification lastly liver and kidney detoxification.

There are numerous herbs that have detoxification capacities

Herbs are classified by their particular capacity. Knowing and understanding these capacities help in the choice of the correct herb for the objective organ to be detoxified. A few instances of home grown capacities are:

• Cathartic herbs initiate gut disposal and frequently invigorate bile discharge. Rhubarb and senna are purifying herbs.

• Stimulant herbs, for example, ginger root, cayenne pepper and horseradish increment dissemination, in this way aiding the general procedure of purifying.

• Alterative herbs help with purging and cleaning the blood which supplies life to all cells, tissues and organs. Burdock, dandelion, feline’s hook and red clover are alterative herbs.

Life span medication shows a sound resistant framework as a key to a long life

To have a well-working resistant framework, the colon must be as perfect as could be expected under the circumstances. The liver assumes a significant job is securing our wellbeing and when it becomes overburdened with poisons, numerous medical issues can emerge. The liver directs glucose, vitality creation and hormone creation and guideline. Purifying our organs improves the wellbeing and prosperity of the entire body.

Holistic wellbeing specialists use herbs in the treatment of purging the organs to expand the chance of a well-working physical body. The organs cooperate all in all but should perform particularly as an individual piece of the entirety.

Herbs have a rich history of thousands of years in assuming a job in the support of a solid body.

Care ought to consistently be taken in choosing and utilizing home grown medications. The utilization of herbs can be contraindicated with different enhancements or drug being taken. Continuously counsel with somebody who is appropriately prepared in utilizing herbs before starting any detoxification program.